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Crystal Dome - Zazen - Mystery School - Music From The Other Side (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Crystal Dome - Zazen - Mystery School - Music From The Other Side (CD, Album)
Label: Terra Nova Records - TND-9003 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Downtempo, Prog Rock

For the Of Monsters and Men song, see Crystals song. For the Fleetwood Mac song, see Fleetwood Mac album. CD 12". Dance-rock [1] alternative rock [2] alternative dance [3]. Retrieved 12 September Retrieved Games That Lovers Play August Retrieved 28 September Retrieved 24 February Retrieved 9 December My Management.

Archived from the original on 26 April Simon Tyszko. Australia's Music Charts Retrieved 1 December Retrieved 25 May GfK Entertainment Charts.

Irish Singles Chart. Retrieved 21 October GfK Chart-Track. Retrieved 2 June Top Digital Download. With the money, either walk back to Portoa, Crystal Dome - Zazen - Mystery School - Music From The Other Side (CD, or use Teleport. From Portoa, go east until you see a wooden bridge towards the south. Cross the bridge, then go southeast to a poison swamp. Equip your Rabbit Boots and jump over the swamp to take less damage.

Then follow the short path on the other side of the swamp to the south side of Portoa Feild. From here go southwest as far as you can, then west. You should come across an entrance in the southwest corner. This will take you to the Lime Tree Lake. From the entrance, go north until you come across an opening in the north. Watch out for the Red Eagle that flies about, it will be tough.

Go into the entrance, where you'll come across some character in the water. This is the elder of Portoa village, whom his name is Rage I know, he lives in the water, don't ask.

Rage will arise, noticing you have the Sword Of Water. Because of this, he will grant you the Ball Of Water, then he will explain how it's used. He will say for you to use your power to create an ice bridge before you. Do so and Zebu will appear, explaining how inside the doorway is Mesia, your counterpart. She like yourself, is a magician-warrior who is in stasis, but only to be awoken when Dragonia was on the warpath, and the world would be in trouble.

Mesia was abducted by Dragonia. When going in the room ahead, you will be seeing an image of Mesia. This image is a recording of her before she was taken. You must find her as only you both together can defeat Dragonia and his evil forces. After that, Zebu will disappear, and you can proceed forward. When you do, go through the doorway, and then you will be in a room similiar to that of which you started off the game in.

Do so and you will see the image Zebu talked about. The image will say that if you Moby Dick - Moby Dick (2) - Kreni! (Cassette, Album) now seeing this, that means Mesia has been capture, and that you need to find her fast so that you and her can put your powers together in order to defeat Dragonia for good.

After this, the image will fade out. Now leave the cave, and either walk, or teleport, back to Portoa. Now go to where the Pawn Shop is behind the Item Shopbut don't go in it. Instead go to the right of it and you will see a shed. Enter through it, then once inside, go through the doorway in the back.

It will take you to a cave. Doesn't it look familiar, well it should, it's the same cave as before that's behind the Queen's palace. Once inside, Asina will appear. She will thank you for all the good deeds you've been doing for Portoa. As a reward she will give you the Recovery Spell. This spell can cure any attack done to you by an enemy.

Asina will tell you to keep up the good work, and then disappears. After this proceed a bit more and use a 20000107 - Aube - Millennium - Ianuarius (CD, Album) 2 Water Blast on the water, then cross the bridge.

Once at the other side, go west and follow it until you see a dolphin the one I told you to remember beforehand. Talk to him and he will tell you he's not feeling well and needs medical help.

After doing all this, head back to Portoa. Leave Portoa and fight until you are up to Level Equip your Rabbit Boots and jump over it, then use a Level 2 Water Blast to make an ice bridge in the river. Cross it, and the other poison swamp, then head east until you come across a cave.

Watch out for the Red Slug that hides in the grass, because it will poison you. Also watch out for the Purple Eagles flying about. Enter the cave. From the entrance, go north the wall, and use a Level 2 Wind Blast to destroy it. After this continue along the path until you come across a 3-way, killing the spiders and shrooms that's in the way. From the 3-way, go north past the other 3-way and around the corner then destroy the wall with a Level 2 Wind Blast. After that get the Lysis Plant from the treasure chest.

Remember that 3-way intersection you passed up? Well go back to it, then from there, go east and around the corner, then follow the path south, to the door. In here, kill La Passe - Joëlle Léandre / Maguelone Vidal / Raymond Boni - Trace (CD, Album) Purple Jelly Walkers and go into the other door.

From the entrance east to the 3-way. From the 3-way, head south, and you should be up against another wall. Use another Level 2 Wind Blast to destroy it, then head to the next 3-way. From there go south, destroying another wall with your Level 2 Wind Blast. Now you should be at another 3-way. So which way to go? Well go west to the door at the end and go in it. However if you want to go through here, you can gain a fairly good chunk of money and EP from the Purple Shrooms.

When you start off here, go west and follow the path all the way around. Kill everything in your sight. Once at the end of the path, use a Level 2 Wind Blast on the wall to destroy it, Weak Become Heroes (Ashley Beedles Love Bug Vocal) you will be back at the door practically.

This room is just a circle with a few monsters in it. You should be at the doorway now, which you will enter to get back to the previous room. From here go all the way east past the Back In The Old Days - Ian Parry - Thru The Looking-Glass (CD, Album) until you come across another door.

Kill off anything else you may see along the way, and enter the door. Now in here, it don't matter which way you will take, because both directions will eventually lead you to the same spot. So for the sake of arguing, let's just go right. From the door, go east, and follow the path, across the bridge and to the wall at the end of the path.

There are a snakes, spiders and jelly walkers, on the bridge, so it will be a tight squeeze to get through. Once at the end, use Level 2 Wind Blast, to destroy the wall. Continue onward from this point, killing more purple color monsters, until you get to the door at the end, and enter it.

From the door, go west to the 3-way intersection. Coincidentally enough, this is where you would end up had you taken the other direction in the previous room.

Anyways, from this spot, go south and follow the path. Use a Level 2 Wind Blast on the wall, then continue the path, around the corner, till you get to the end. More monsters here, so get rid of them. Hopefully you should be halfway to Level 10 by now, if so great! At the end of the path is a door, which you will enter.

When entering this room, be warned that there are Purple Jelly Walkers and Purple Snakes lurking about so be ready to kill them. Amongst that, follow the path, across the bridge, until you get to the end, where you will use a Level 2 Wind Blast on the wall.

After destroying the wall, continue killing monsters and making your way to the other side, where you'll see a door. Enter through the door. From the entrance, follow the path all the way around, killing monsters, until you reach the wall at the other side. Use another Level 2 Wind Blast to destroy Lost In 69 - Clumsy (2) - Matter Of Time (CD, Album), then on the other side you'll see a treasure chest.

But what's inside? It's the Fog Lamp. Now with that, get back to Portoa teleport if you can. How to get there? Well here's how. Remember how you went to Lime Tree Lake? Well go the same way, but instead of going west, go south, alongside the river bank. You should see an area between two patches of poison swamps, to where you can create an ice bridge.

Use a Level 2 Water Blast to create the ice bridge, then make your way over it, and pass the poison swamp patches. Once doing that, continue east, for there should be a doorway. Enter through the doorway now. From the entrance, head north, following the path around the corner killing the Purple Jelly Walkers, Red Spiders that are in here. Once at the end of the path, there should be a wall to blow away.

Use a Level 2 Wind Blast, to Penny Hitch - Soft Machine - Seven (CD, Album) it, then continue through the path killing more monsters. At the end there should be a door, so go on in it. From the entrance, go east, killing Red Crabs and Medusas, and around the corner to the 3-way.

From there head south and follow the path around the corner to a wall. Use a Level 2 Wind Blast on the wall and continue to the doorway at the end, and enter it. This is a pretty straight-forward room. Just simply follow the path as far as you can, killing off more Red Crabs and Medusa that along the way. Once you made it past all that, you should be at the end.

Use a Level 2 Wind Blast on the wall to destroy, then continue the path as you did before hand, until you reach a door at the other side. This door will take you to the Kirisa Field. You are now in the Kirisa Field. From the cave entrance, go north until you see a flower bed in the upper right hand corner, killing all the Purple Shrooms along the way.

In the flower bed, should be a treasure chest, with the Kirisa Plant inside it. But what good will it do? All in due time. With this, get to Portoa. Sounds good to me! The first quest is this: You should be in Portoa. If not, then atleast teleport back to Brynmaer, and then leave Brynmaer.

From the entrance, go east to the river bank, then head south alongside the river. You should come across a couple of poison swamps and a gap in between where you can make an ice bridge. Use a Level 2 Water Blast, to make the bridge, then cross it and the poison swamps. From the other side of the swamps, head directly south to another swamp.

Equip your Rabbit Boots, and jump over the swamp to a path leading directly south. This will take you to the Town Of Amazones. Once entering, you'll notice that the whole town is consisted of nothing but women. It seems they don't like men there very sexist! Anyways, this is important. From the entrance, stand directly to the right next to the signpostyou should see a female guard at the last door towards the right.

Stand just right of the entrance and use your Paralysis magic Crystal Dome - Zazen - Mystery School - Music From The Other Side (CD her, to put her to sleep. This way she won't be able to block the way for you to get in.

Notice the strange moon type symbol on the door very odd. Go inside the house, where you will see 2 guards and the leader, Aryllis. Don't talk to any of them, instead go around and head to the hallway behind them.

Then go to the stair case on the right side of the hallway, which will take you downstairs. Once downstairs, you should see a treasure chest. Get the Blizzard Braclet and leave Aryllis's house. Don't buy any armor or sheilds, because it's either too expensive or the Defense Rating is too small for you to use. Instead, teleport back to Portoa. Now to put that Fog Lamp to some good use.

Go all the way to the west side of Portoa, and enter through that section. Now you should be in another screen, where there is a house and a boat. Go inside the house, and talk to the man in the center of the room. He will say that he can't seem to find his lamp, that he sent Akahan off to some cave to find it, but haven't heard back from Akahana.

Now go talk to his daughter, who says her dad is mad because he lost his Fog Lamp. Equip your Fog Lamp and give it to her father. He will be greatful of this and in exchange he will let you use his boat to go Trumpet Overture (Atlanta) - New York Trumpet Ensemble - The Heroick Mr.

Handel (CD) the first house you come across along the shoreline. Take the boat to where the house is, then enter it. You should see Kensu sitting and some guard walking in there. Talk to the guard, who says he guarding against Draygonia, then talk to Kensu.

It seems Kensu is not himself at the moment. He seems to of lost something, and not sure where it is? Now go outside the house and stand along the shoreline. Equip your Shell Flute and use it to call on the dolphin that you saved earlier. He will offer to give you a lift to wherever you want to go. Do so, and travel south along the southwall, then travel along the wall until you reach the other side of the Angry Seas. Once there, go south and you will see a cave entrance.

Enter through it and you will be in an underground cavern. This is simple, by using the dolphin, go east, traveling to the end of the cave. At the end of the cave, you will see a treasure chest. Inside is the Love Pendent. Get it and leave the cave. Don't worry about what to do with the Love Pendent, that will come later into game play. From there, go directly northwest to another island shore. There should be a cave entrance on it. Once there and dismount from the dolphin, and head into the cave entrance.

This will take you to the Town Of Joel. You should now be in the Town Of Joel. Nothing much to do here really. Talk to everyone in the town, which they will talk about the Island Of Spirits which was orignally Evil Spirit Island. They will also talk about a woman who has been sacraficed Mesia from earlier. If you go into the house in the upper left-hand corner of Joel, you'll see the elder of the town. She will introduce herself as Hyaline, and talk about an evil person name Sabera, and how she turned a whole village into zombies, and that she has a young woman with her could this be Mesia?

To get to the Get Down - Gilbert OSullivan - Get Down (Vinyl) of zombies, she gives you the Necklace Of Fate this is a new item for this version. Now leave here, save at the Inn if you have fear of not making it, then head to the shoreline.

Call on the dolphin, by using the Shell Flute, and then make your way to the cave of the Angry Seas. To get there, head west, and on the otherside of the whirlpools, there should be a huge rock formation. Go up to it and you should see a locked gate in front of a cave entrance.

Equip the Necklace Of Fate and use it on the locked gate. A necklace as a key, go figure that out! After that, go to the shoreline and dismount from the dolphin, then head up into the doorway. From the entrance, go north then around the corner, until you reach the river bank.

From here, head north and follow the path all the way to the end, killing anything in your way. At the end, you should see a spot to make an Album) bridge. Use a Level 2 Water Blast to create that bridge, then cross it. You should also see a treasure chest which you will go to. Inside it is a Lysis Plant, which you will get.

After doing that, cross back over the bridge, and follow the path in the opposite direction until you reach the other end. Use a Level 2 Water Blast on the water, to form an ice bridge. Cross it then on the other side, head west, following that path all the way around.

Once you get to the other side, you'll see a spot where you can make another ice bridge, so use another Level 2 Water Blast to make one. Cross that bridge, then head north, following that path. Keep following this path until you come to a pathway going north. Go north on that path, and once you get to the end, you will notice two paths going north. Go through the one on the left. Once there use a Level 2 Wind Blast on the wall, then proceed getting the Magic Ring from the treasure chest.

Now head back to the Flakes In Buttermilk - Various - B (Vinyl) bank. Once at the river bank, go west until you get to the last path way going north, before hitting the corner. Go north on that path, and use another Level 2 Wind Blast on the wall, then proceed upwards.

Once at the end, you should see a doorway, which you will enter. From the entrance, go west, then south, following the path In The Studio With Cold Chisel - No Plans - Cold Chisel - The Live Tapes - Vol.

1 (Blu-ray) it's end, passing up the two 3-way intersections along the way. There's more enemies here, so be ready. Once at the end, use a Level 2 Wind Blast on the wall to destroy it, then continue upwards around the corner, until you see a doorway. This is a pretty short area. From the entrance, go west, killing the Orange Snakes. Then at the river bank, go south, and use a Level 2 Water Blast to make an ice bridge.

Cross the ice bridge then go north, getting the Iron Necklace from the treasure chest. After getting the Iron Necklace, head back to the previous room you were in. Once you are back here, from the entrance, go back to the last 3-way you went past to get to this point. From the 3-way go south, and follow that path around until you get to the other side.

Kill anything you can get your sword on. From that one, go east, to the next one, then north and around the corner until you get to the pit. This is the first pit you'll encounter in the game, so here's the story on it. Every pit will have a platform that moves back and forth, carrying you to the other side. You must wait until the platform comes to a complete stop before you can board it or get off of it, which you will have a split second to make your move, so be ready.

If you happen to miss it, or get hit by an enemy and there will be some trying to knock you offyou will fall into the pit and fall to the room below hand. Because of that you pretty much have to start all over, so make your way back upwards to your current position.

Anyways, make your way onto the platform, and carefully make it across to the other side. To let you know now there is a Blue Peahat flying around, so be ready. Once you do successfully make it to the other end, keep going south, then west to the 3-way intersection. Head south then west again, until you reach a doorway leading outside of the cave. This will take you to Island Of Spirits. You'll notice several zombies walking about, but don't worry they won't harm you.

Infact if you try and talk to them, they won't say anything. You'll also notice how the whole town is completely ruined. This was the work of an evil sorcerer. Go into the house on the left side, then make your way downstairs. You'll see Clark Joel's elder's sonwho Crystal Dome - Zazen - Mystery School - Music From The Other Side (CD he was there checking out the town. He also talks about the evil sorcerer, who is named Sabera.

She is from Draygonia, and she is the one who changed everyone into zombies, and that she Album) carrying a young woman with her into Sabera's Castle. Be careful, Clark tells you, for Sabera is tough. Go outside, and head north, up some stairs. You should be in front of some castle doors. At this point, you should save your game, because your next adventure will be in Sabera's Castle. Note, unlike in the other game, when you Kadarh - Golden Apes - Helianthos And The War (CD, Album), you can teleport back here.

Now go north again and follow the path to the other 4-way like area, which then you will go north once more. There are Shadows lurking about which will cause a problem. Follow the path all the way until you reach a big room. Before getting there, make sure you are at Level 10, because here comes a familiar boss fight. Also equip the Iron Necklace to make this fight a bit easier on yourself. He's a bit harder to defeat this time around, as well as the Small Blue Bats that fly around, which actually look a bit bigger.

You will not get anything for defeating Would You Like To Come Along - Rare Earth - Willie Remembers (Vinyl, LP, Album) Big Bat this time. After defeating him, continue to the end where you should see a doorway, which you will enter. Keep an eye out for the Purple Butterflies and Shadows, and All Blues - Morgana King - Miss Morgana King (Vinyl, LP) are both tough to fight.

Anyways, from the entrance, follow the pathway all the way until you come across the pit. Get on the moving platform which will take you to the other side, then walk to the treasure chest and get the Medical Herb from it.

Now head back up to the previous room, by either dropping into the pit or making it to the doorway. Once back to the previous room, from the doorway, make your way to the first 4-way intersection you come across. From there go south, then east to the other 4-way intersection.

From here, go east, killing more monsters. Follow the path until you climb up some stairs, and you will be face to face with the Big Bat boss again.

Just use the same tactic as before. After defeating him, again you will not get a thing. After this, continue northward and through the doorway at the end.

Avoid the Purple Butterflies and Shadows that are in here. Follow the short path until you come across a pit. Wait for the platform to appear, then cross the pit to the other side. Watch out for the Shadow that is waiting for you. Continue along the path, until you come to some spikes. Spikes are just like poison swamps that are on outside areas, and should be treated the same way. Equip your Rabbit Boots and jump across the spikes, until you get to a small area, where a treasure chest is.

In it is the Fruit Of Power. Get it, and make your way back to the last 3-way you saw. From there, go south and follow the path to the end.

It's best to leave your Rabbit Boots on, so you can jump over the Shadows, especially when they cast a Paralysis spell on you. Go through the door at the end of the path, and enter.

It's best you be at Level 11 at this point, if not, fight as many monsters as you can to acheive this. This is the final section of Sabera's Castle, and it's a pretty short one. From the door, go north until you see a woman standing in the middle of the room. She'll say that there is an evil sorceror in the next room, but don't go up there! I'll tell you why. If you go up there, you will see the real Mesia. She will tell you that it's really her, and to go away, that where you are at is in a trap, which you really are.

What happens, is if you do go up there to talk to Mesia, you can't leave that room, therefore you have to drop down into the pit and start over again. So instead, just stay in the room that the imposter's in. Slash at the imposter once, and she will insist you to stop. Keep doing this and you'll see it's really Sabera, one of the Finest Four. Also equip your Sheild Ring to better your Sheild Defense Rating, and make sure your MP is at Somebody Been Talkin - Various - The Best Of The Chicago Blues Volume One (Vinyl, LP) pretty high number, because you will need to use the Refresh magic very often here.

Sabera will circle around, shooting off energy attacks at you. Keep in mind, she is very fast moving, not only with her attacks, but as well as herself.

Keep a good distance from her, and you should be safe. Also use as many Level 2 Fire Blasts as needed, for this will destroy her. This is a pretty long battle, especially if you're not careful. Once successful, she will say how well of a fighter you Crystal Dome - Zazen - Mystery School - Music From The Other Side (CD, but that she still has Mesia, and takes her to the Fortress Of Goa.

She will also drop a treasure chest, which has the Broken Statue in it. Get it and head north. Easy way out now, drop into the pit. When you land on the floor below, drop in the pit next to you and you will be on the main floor. Once there make your way back outside of Sabera's Castle. You should be back in the Island Of Spirits. After defeating Sabera, all the zombies were turned back into the human beings they once were.

Talk to all of them and they will say how greatful they are that you had set them free. They will also talk about the Statue Of Gold, which will calm the whirlpools that are in the Angry Sea. In actuality, the Statue Of Gold will only cure one whirlpool, oh well, you get what you paid for I guess. Anyways, head back to Clark, whom will say there is something in Joel, you should check out.

He will also give you Eye Glasses, which will help you find a secret in Joel. After doing all of this, head back to Joel. Now head up to the shed and enter it. Nothing much to look at in here, but if you equip the Eye Glasses, you'll learn that seeing isn't always believing.

Go up to the upper right hand corner of the shed and use your Eye Glasses, where a secret pathway will open. This will lead to a secret cave with no enemies in it. Follow the pathway to the other side, James Gadson - Go By Whats In Your Heart (Vinyl) exit through the door, for you will be right next to the lighthouse. Enter the lighthouse, where you will see Kensu.

He will ask about his Love Pendant. With that, equip the Love Pendant and give it to Kensu. Once you do that, Kensu will introduce himself as one of the four magicians helping you. Finding and bringing him the Love Pendant was his test to you to see how loyal you are. After this, he will give you the Glowing Light which will automatically be in your inventory.

Kensu will tell you that if you past the next test, he will teach you some magic. But you must find him in Swan first, which when he disappears Untitled - Various - The Valentines Experience (Cassette) where he'll be. Here's a clue on what it might be: The thing that can stop people, can also reveal things.

Now, go equip the Glowing Light, and with it selected in your inventory, go to the Broken Statue and select that. The two items will combine into the Statue Of Gold. Now that you have the Statue Of Gold in your posession, head back into Joel. From there head behind the cave, then north a bit and you will see a small island. Go up to the island, and dismount from the dolphin, then head up to the dark cave like entrance, which is really an altar.

Equip the Statue Of Gold, and place it on the altar, for this will cause the one whirlpool to go away. Now, get back on to the dolphin, travel to the north where the should be waterfalls and rocks.

Keep going along the waterfalls until you see an opening backtrack if you like. Go through the opening and you should be on the upper half of the Angry Seas. Once there, head all the way east until you see a shoreline, with a cave on it. Think Ill Write A Song - Helen Reddy - Free And Easy (Vinyl, LP, Album) from the dolphin and walk up to the cave entrance.

Asina will then appear, thanking you for repairing the alter, that people can safely travel the seas again. As a reward Asina will give you the Barrier Spell, which will protect you from enemy shots. After this she will disappear, when she does enter through the cave, because you will now be in the Town Of Swan.

From the entrance, head north and go into the Bar. Enter there and you will see a few townspeople there. Talk to the person who is standing next to Old Friends - Simon & Garfunkel - Golden Double Series (Vinyl, LP) table on the right.

He will tell you that he is a wandering traveler and that he is about to leave. With that, use your Paralysis Spell on him, and he will reveal that he is really Kensu in disguise. After talking to him, he will teleport out of there, to another location of Swan, but where could that be? Well leave the Bar, and head east some more to the last door on the right. The Crystals. Oh, Yeah, Maybe, Baby. What a Nice Way to Turn No One Ever Tells You.

He's a Rebel. Gene Pitney. I Love You Eddie. Another Country-Another World. Please Hurt Me. He's Sure the Boy I Love. Look in My Eyes. Richard Barrett.


Cir, Easy Living (Aim Vocal Remix) - Mucho Macho Featuring Jon Lucien - Easy Living (CD), Крылатые Качели - Приключения Электроников - Детство Наше Прошло...? (Cassette, Album), Aint No Cure - Bananarama - Pop Life (CD, Album), Bravo - Pupo - Piú Di Prima (CD, Album), You Do Something To Me - Frank Sinatra - Love Is A Kick (Vinyl, LP, Album), Pojď, Dáme Řeč - Dalibor Janda, Prototyp (2) - Pojď, Dáme Řeč / Ostrovy (Vinyl), Pojď, Dáme Řeč - Dalibor Janda, Prototyp (2) - Pojď, Dáme Řeč / Ostrovy (Vinyl), Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Nat King Cole - The Platinum Collection (CD)


  1. Use a real crystal detector, galena, pyrite, Perikon, etc., NOT a diode. 4. Sensitive headphones are not required. The Mystery Set, even with these “improvements”, is not a DX set nor was it designed to be. It is, however, the best simple set I’ve tried for casual listening on .
  2. This CD is known by serious music collector's to be THE CD to be owned and enjoyed by serious Crystals' fans! The CD has all of the girls' key hits and many of their lesser releases. Find the CD here on nideschophonicde.specukarelolilangahanatislu.infoinfo in Mint or Like New condition at a reasonable price and order it!/5(27).
  3. The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.
  4. The Crystals CDs Overview Biography Songs Similar Artists Vinyl CDs DVDs. Genre Pop / Rock 4; R&B Da Doo Ron Ron & Other Favorites (CD) $ CD Sale. Add to Cart. The Crystals. Twist Uptown (CD) $ CD Sale. Add to Cart. The Crystals. Twist Uptown (CD) $ CD Sale. Add to Cart. The Crystals. He's A Rebel (CD) $ Out of Stock.
  5. The Crystals were an American vocal group based in New York " was used in the episode 'Mystery Date' on Mad Men (). Crystal was the name of one of the girl group-inspired street urchin characters in the musical Little Shop (A-Side, B-Side) Both sides from same album except where indicated Lead vocals Label & number Chart Positions Genres: Rock and roll, pop, pop rock, R&B.
  6. Zazen ‎– Mystery School A1: Crystal Dome: A2: Harvest Time: A3: Telepathy: A4: Fertility Rite: B1: High Priest: B2: Nile Melody: B3: Mystery School: Other Versions (1 of 1) View All. Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; TND Zazen: Mystery School - Music From The Other Side ‎ (CD, Album) Terra Nova Records: TND.
  7. The Crystals were an American vocal group based in New York City, considered one of the defining acts of the girl group era in the first half of the s. T.
  8. 1. Looking For Love - Janet's usual interlude to kick off the album. The music is very nice as Janet speaks about looking for love. 2. Damita Jo - an okay track, but definitely not the best! Surrounded by hip-hop beats and old skool samples, Janet sings about her alter-ego, Damita Jo! 3. Sexhibition - /5().

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