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Одинокая - Ірина Білик - Краще (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Одинокая - Ірина Білик - Краще (Cassette)
Label: Nova Records (4) - NR 0039-4 • Format: Cassette Compilation • Country: Ukraine • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Europop, Pop Rock, Vocal

Our host has a cleaver wife, God has given her to him christmas carol. Oh, early in the morning hens started to sing. Oh, God grand christmas carol. Oh, host, there stood a tree christian christmas carol. Bojky - 07 - Kolomyjka molodym molodiata zatantsiovujut ve.

Bojky - 08 - Do zachynannia vesillia - kolomyjka. Bojky - 19 - Lybokhirska starodavna Vittseva - kolomyjka. Gra kapely v moment vyriadzhannia molodykh do shliubu.

Sofiya Fedyna - 03 - Cy chulyste, liube brattia Lemkivska b. What countries does it border on? What deposits have been discovered in the Rivne Region? Their palace was burnt down in When was Rivne founded? The city also has well-developed light and food industries. It is well-known for its heroic defence in the Crimean War in — and during the Second World War.

Nowadays such industries as fishing and timber are the leading ones. The aquarium of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas is situated in the city. This beautiful city attracts tourists from many countries of the world. What kind of city is Sevastopol? What is Sevastopol well-known for?

The majority of population is Ukrainians. The Sumy Region was founded on the 10th of January There are 15 towns in this region. The Sumy Region is rich in mineral resources תשלח לי שקט - ערן צור* - אתה חברה שלי (CD) as oil, gas, brown coal, salt and others.

The largest of them are the Desna, the Psel, the Sula and the Vorskla. Main gas and oil pipelines are laid through the territory of the region. Where does the region border on its neighbours? When was the Sumy Region founded? Its area is 99 km2. Sumy is a modern city, and it is very green. There are six parks in the city.

Near the Psel there are many beautiful lakes, where people like to rest very much. Today Sumy is one of the chief industrial and cultural centres in northern Ukraine. Is Sumy an ancient city? What architectural monuments tell us about its history? What industries are developed there? What museums would you visit? The town developed slowly as a trading and manufacturing centre. In the early 19th century it held two annual fairs.

Its tobacco, brick, and lime factories and flour mills supplied the local demands. Today Simferopol is a transportation and industrial centre. Its machine-building plants produce food-processing equipment, television sets, and farm-machine parts. One of the old Tatar districts, with its winding, narrow streets and Oriental buildings, has been preseved. What territory has Simferopol as the capital?

What can you say about the development of the city? Why is it an important industrial centre? The region consists of 14 districts, and has 16 cities.

The region occupies the western part of the Podolian Upland. It has rich deposits of the mineral building materials: limestone, chalk, clay, and fuel resources, such as brown coal and peat.

The region has a temperate continental climate, with mild winters and warm wet summers. There are ponds and reservoirs. The main industries are food processing, light industry, machine building and also dairy- and beefcattle raising.

Building materials plants are based on local resources and are located mainly in Ternopil, Berezhany. There are also furniture factories there. On the above-mentioned rivers the power stations are built. The main railroad junctions are Ternopil and Chortkiv. What is the area and population of the region? What can you say about the climate of the region? What rivers of the Ternopil Region can you name? What are the main industries in the region? The historical event has been of special significance for Ternopil residents.

The regional Art Museum, opened inhas turned to real school of study of fine arts. What history has Ternopil land got? What did our predecessors create? What was Solomia Krushelnytska? Did she originate from Ternopil land?

The region is multinational. Ukrainians constitute the major part of its population. Regional economy is closely connected with its natural resources, first of all, with forests and timber processing. Where is Transcarpathia situated? When was it included into Ukraine? What territory does it occupy? What is regional economy connected with? Uzhhorod has existed since A. Transcarpathia was in Hungary and then in Czechoslovakia.

The river Uzh runs from east to west across the city. Uzhhorod Castle in its present form was built in the 15th—16th centuries against the Turks. The palace in the centre of the city houses the Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore. It has exhibitions on archaeology, the folk art and dress of the region. Here you can see old wooden buildings, furniture, costumes and crafts. The Uzhhorod Philharmonia building is the former synagogue.

How far is Uzhhorod from Slovak border and from Hungarian border? When was Uzhhorod founded? What major museums are there in Uzhhorod? The new region was founded on the 27th of February in and its territory makes up 4. It is divided into 4 districts. The M. Pirogov Museum established in is just outside the city. Today Vinnytsia is a large industrial and communications centre. Its machine-building and metalworking enterprises produce instruments, radio devices, ball bearings, and tractor parts.

The large food industry consists of meat-packing, oil and fat processing, canning, and confectionery manufacture. The city is very green. It has a lot of parks. There is the railway station, two bus stations and an airport there. When was Vinnytsia first mentioned? When did Vinnytsia become a region centre? What cultural institutions is Vinnytsia famous for? What is produced at the plants and factories of Vinnytsia?

What education can one get in Vinnytsia? It borders on the Republic of Poland in the west and on the Republic of Belarus in the north. It also neighbours upon the Lviv and Rivne Regions of Ukraine in the south and east. There are lakes and rivers. Shatsk National Natural Park has been created in the region. In the general structure of the economy the industrial production prevails. The food, machine-building, light, fuel, building materials branches take the leading position. What is the area of the Volyn Region?

What is its population? What is produced in the Volyn Region? It was built by the Lithuanian prince in the 14th century. She was burnt alive in the prison yard by the Nazis. Who founded Lutsk? Who was Pasha Savelova?

It is washed by the Sea of Azov. Its population is 2 The region is divided into 20 districts and 14 cities. The capital is Zaporizhia.

Its northeastern part lies in the Dnieper Lowland, its southern part in the Black Sea Lowland, and its southeastern part in the Azov Upland. The main rivers are the Dnieper, the Molochna. The region lies in the European foreststeppe zone. Forests cover 3. The region has a moderatecontinental climate with cold, dry winters and hot dry summers. Light industry and food processing are also developed. Agriculture specializes mostly in animal husbandry.

The main branch is beef- and dairycattle raising. Wheat, corn and sunflowers also grow there. Both cities have an airport. Among them are O. Slastin, I. Chukhrai and others. Where is the Zaporizhia Region situated? What is the relief of the region? What industries are well developed there?

What is it famous for? The city got its present name in Zaporizhia is situated on the Dnieper river. Zaporizhia produces nearly half of all stainless and ball-bearing steel in the country.

Where is Zaporizhia situated? What does Zaporizhia produce? Thousand years of history have also such towns as Korosten, Ovruch, Malin. The Zhytomyr Region supplies the whole Ukraine with the titanium concentrate and exports it too. The region is the first in Ukraine for the wood. Almost one third of its territory is covered with forests and woods.

In agriculture, along with the production of grain and beans, sugar beets, milk and Одинокая - Ірина Білик - Краще (Cassette) production, the region is in the first place in the country in the production of hop, flax and chicory. The region has great capacities in the industrial ceramics production. Foreign trade is an important part of the development of the region. Its total area is hectars.

The city is divided into two districts, and its population is Zhytomyr was founded, according to the local legend, in the 9th century. There are a lot of museums in the city, which are worth visiting. Their area is 45 hectars. Zhytomyr contacts with Hungarian city Mikhailovhrad. Where is Zhytomyr situated? What is the total area of the city? What people is the city famous for?

Why do you think the city was named Zhytomyr? It is an hour ride from Kharkiv. No Puedo Vivir Contigo, you are right. Where is your native town situated? Is your town full of parks and gardens? When is your town especially beautiful? How do you spend your free time in your town?

Really, the best place is our own town or village. We never forget it when we leave it. There are many beautiful places where people live. They are near forests or woods, rivers or seas, lakes or ponds and even in the mountains. Very often we think that such places are the most beautiful. But people who live there are proud of them and like them very much. They like them because they live and work there.

Is your town small or large? How many people are there in your town? Has your town changed from year to year? What was built in your town last year? Why do people from other places come to your town? Do you know veterans of labour and veterans of war in your town? Who are they? Do they come to your school? Poltava is quite an old town.

It was founded in the middle of the 12th century. My town is not very large. Every year hundreds of tourists come to Poltava. They want No Strange Delight - Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood (Vinyl, LP, Album) visit the famous historical and other places of interest of the town.

Hundreds of young people study at many institutes, schools and colleges. Where do you live? What historical monuments, buildings, places of interest are there in your city? What museums do you know in your city? The side-walks are lined with lime-trees. What street do you Saray Burnu - Nurhan Damcıoğlu - Zilli (Disco Kanto) (Vinyl, LP, Album) in?

Is there much traffic? Why do you like your street? They lie to the north-west of Europe. England, the central part, occupies the most of the island of Great Britain. To the north lies Scotland and to the west the third part of the country, Wales, is situated. The fourth part is called Northern Ireland and is located on the second island. Each part has its capital. The rivers of Great Britain are not long. The longest rivers are the Thames and the Severn. Where is Great Britain situated? What is the relief of Great Britain?

What are the parts of Great Britain? What are their capitals? What influences the climate of the British Isles? Name it. The power of Queen Elizabeth II is not absolute. It is limited by Parliament. The judiciary body is independent of both the legislative and the executive ones. The Government derives its authority from the elected House of Commons. General elections, for all seats in the House of Commons, must be held at least every five years.

The Government is normally formed by the political party which is supported by the majority in the House of Commons. It happened in very old times when Norsemen wanted to settle in this country. The Scots woke up and put the enemy to flight. The leek is the emblem of Wales. They do it because they believe St David have lived for several years on bread and wild leeks.

How many of them are there? The country is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There are several islands along the coasts. The main islands are the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight. Great Britain is the country of valleys and plains. The mountains in Britain are not very high.

What seas is Great Britain washed by? What does Great Britain consist of? What kind of landscape is there in Scotland? It is washed by seas from all the sides. It is not very cold in winter and never very hot in summer. There is no ice on the lakes and rivers in winter. It rains very often in all the seasons. The weather changes very often. Besides, Britain is famous for its fogs. There are many rivers and very beautiful lakes, but there are no great forests on the British Isles.

The mountains there are not very high, but very beautiful. In Wales there are also many beautiful mountains and valleys.

Everyone who comes to England says that it looks like one great beautiful park. The Englishmen love their country and take care of it. Does it often rain? What are the most picturesque places on the British Isles? It concerns the Roman conquest of Britain. The Celts who inhabited Britain saw their ships approaching and rushed to attack the invaders in the sea as they were landing. On the occasion of the battle hair and moustaches were painted red and A Man Needs God - Mighty Unknowns* - A Man Needs God / A Great Change (Vinyl) legs and arms were painted blue.

This invasion lasted till the year of A. The forests were cleared, swamps were drained, and corn-fields took their place. Today there are many things in Britain to remind the people of the Romans. The wells which the Romans dug give water today, and the chief Roman roads are still among the highways of modern England. The Romans built the first roads in the country, dug the first wells. The Romans, Одинокая - Ірина Білик - Краще (Cassette) were great architects, constructed the first towns in Britain.

After the withdrawal of Roman legions indifferent tribes tried to control the territory of Britain. They came in under I´m Gone - Tamaryn - Tender New Signs (CDr, Album) leadership of William the Conqueror.

And the monument to Admiral Nelson was erected on this square. Why was he named the Conqueror? What led to the Industrial Revolution? Who was Nelson? Why is he so famous in Britain? Twenty-seven years later, Tchailovskyi came to England again to begin his first foreign concert tour.

In Tchaikovskyi wrote that he was working hard at his English. When did Tchaikovskyi first visit England for the first time? Who conducted Serenade for Strings and Suite No. It is one of the largest cities in the world. London is situated on the river Thames. The city is very old and beautiful. It was founded more than two thousand years ago. The City is the oldest part of London, its financial and business centre.

The best hotels, restaurants, shops, clubs, parks and houses are situated there. The East End is an industrial district of London. There are many factories and the Port of London there. London has many places of interest. Another place of interest is Buckingham Palace. The best way to know London is to visit it. Where is London situated? What is Big Ben? Do you know any places of interest in London?

Inside the wall low houses were built with bright red tiled roofs. Time passed. The first underground railway was opened in between Paddington and the City.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are many places of interest in it and this city is well worth visiting. What river does it stand on? London stands on the river Thames. Crossing the river by the Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of London. It is one of the oldest buildings of the city. It is the seat of the British government and it is one of the most beautiful buildings in London. It strikes every quarter of an hour.

Tourists always go to see the ceremony of changing the Guard there. London has many fine squares. Trafalgar Square is the central square of the city. Another famous church is Westminster Abbey where kings, queens, and many famous people are buried.

London is also famous for its beautiful parks. Hyde Park is the most democratic park in the world, as anyone can say anything he likes there. What places of interest are there in London? What river flows through London? How many main theatres are there in London? Such service drew more buyers. At all times there are so many people in the store that it is easy Одинокая - Ірина Білик - Краще (Cassette) lose the way.

What can you buy there? How many departments are there? What can help you to find your way in Harrods? The Romans also killed large numbers of Druids, the Celtic religious leaders. These Druids could not read or write, but they memorized all the things about the laws, history, medicine necessary for the Celts. Who arrived first in Wales? Naturally, the capital comes first among the biggest industrial cities of the country. Birmingham is the biggest town in the centre of England.

Machines, cars and lorries are made here. TV- and radio-sets are also produced in Birmingham. Manchester is an industrial capital of the North of England. It is the centre of cotton industry. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Glasgow is another great Scottish city. It is famous for its shipyards. Cardiff is the capital of Wales.

What big cities and towns are there in Great Britain? Name them. The famous Lake District is in Northern England. In Embleside one can visit the Steam Boat Museum.

In York the tourists are usually attracted by the National Railway Museum. But the main attraction is London places of interest. Its population is more than 11 million people. Big Ben is the real bell which strikes every quarter of an hour. Another place which you can admire is Buckingham Palace. When was London founded? Who lives in Buckingham Palace?

Many well-known names are connected with the mint. The English mint has carried out orders from many countries. They are accustomed to using crowns five shillingshalf-crowns and sixpence coins. Questions: 1. Who founded it? Why is it difficult to change the money? They are not parts of health centres. There is also a medium-level hospital staff. Ward nurses take care of the ill in the hospital. Regular medical inspections are held at schools. Children receive various vaccinations and are examined by different specialists.

Much attention is paid to the educational programmes. Much attention is paid to the AIDS and drug programmes. Great Britain pays much attention to the qualification of doctors. They are trained at 16 universities. Besides, they get practice during their work at teaching hospitals.

What do people pay every month? What are local health authorities responsible for? The English are very fastidious about their meals and keep to their meal times strictly. Many people like to begin it with porridge. The two substantial meals of the day, lunch and dinner, are more or less the same.

Tea is very popular with the English; it may be called their national drink. The English like it strong and fresh made. It is important to pour tea into milk, and not vice versa. That's why in Bohdan Khmelnytsky appealed to Russia with the request to admit Ukraine as a part of Russia. Political and judicial status of Ukraine was determined by the terms of the treaty — so called March articles. This union weakened the political role of Rech Pospolita, and defeated the plans of Vatican to catholicize Ukraine.

That's why it is not surprising that a lot of interesting monuments are situated there, for example, the well- known to all Slavonic world St Sophia's Cathedral and Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra. Near the small town of Kanev the monument to the Ukrainian national genius Taras Shevchenko is situated. The museum, where the books, drawings and manuscripts of Shevchenko are kept, is situated in the village not far from Kanev. One may come to Poltava and visit the museum of the famous Poltava battle, the field where Peter the Great defeated the Swedes.

One may also go to Dedicate It - Afghan Whigs* - Congregation (Vinyl, LP, Album), to the island of Khortytsia, where the Ukrainian Cossacks' organization was born. One can go to Odesa and walk along the boulevards, where Pushkin walked a long time ago, and one can touch the trees, which Pushkin touched. It is also possible to visit the last house of Chekhov now the museum in Yaltawhere Chekhov lived, and where he wrote his last works, and where he died.

One can continue this list, because there is also Western Ukraine with the Carpathians and their legends, feudal lords' castles and cathedrals, with their unique culture and nature. There is an old and very good tradition among the people in the Poltava Region to have a fair in the village of Velyky Sorochintsy. The people from the nearest and the distant villages come to the fair and sell their products and buy consumer goods.

Many guests from different parts of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and from many other countries come to Sorochintsy to take part in this fair. The representatives from many plants and factories bring their products to advertise and sell them. They make agreements on cooperation between different enterprises and try to do their best to co-operate with each other.

At the Sorochintsy fair one can meet many interesting and talented people, one can listen to folk songs. Different exhibitions will show you the works of famous Ukrainian artists and ancient folk crafts. In Ukraine medical help is available in hospitals, polyclinics, and also in medical centres in such places as factories and schools. Some certain district is appointed to a polyclinic and this district is divided into several areas. Average number of people, visiting their doctor every day, is 20—25, but when there is an epidemic of influenza, this number is 50—60 people a day.

There is a problem which is nowadays widely discussed, that a person him-or herself can choose the doctor he or she wants to visit. A therapeutist examines a patient, assigns some treatment, prescribes some medicines and gives a medical certificate.

In a hospital there is also a therapeutic department, where pneumonia, bronchitis or asthma are treated. When we have a headache, a stomachache, a sore throat, a cold or a pain in some part of the body, we call the doctor.

He examines our heart, our lungs, our stomach or the part where we have a pain and tells us what is the matter with us. The doctor prescribes medicine, and gives us a prescription, which we take to the chemist, who makes the medicine. If you follow the doctor's orders, you get better; if you disobey the doctor you may get worse or even die.

There is no denying the fact that not so long ago Ukraine had very weak con- nections with other countries in the world. As now Ukraine is a sovereign state it establishes new relations with the countries throughout the world. Ukraine is one of the members of the United Nations Organization Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ultravox - Lament (Vinyl, LP, Album) participates in the work of many international organizations.

Many of the Ukrainians living now in Canada and other English-speaking countries don't lose connections with Ukraine. A lot of public organizations, educational establishments, religious organizations make considerable contribution to the development of our culture, literature and art.

Recently a great number of various joint ventures and economic, cultural and political projects have appeared in Ukraine. English, Canadian and American children visit Ukrainian families, go to Ukrainian schools, while Ukrainian children stay at their host families abroad.

These exchange programs help us to understand each other better, to study culture and traditions of other countries. The Ukrainian society, nowadays, is split into those who believe that the economic reforms must be continued and those who think that their course must be changed. Many politicians criticise the Ukrainian Government for its inability to solve the urgent economic problems among which are the rise of unemployment, the delay of wage payments and the falling of industrial and agricultural production.

Another problem that splits the Ukrainian society is whether to develop more close relations with the West European countries or with. The newspapers are also discussing the reforms of the education system and the public health services. Nowadays, many political parties hold their congresses to discuss the current political situation and to nominate their candidates for forthcoming elections.

They also inform about the visit of the Ukrainian President to any country and the official negotiations with the political leaders of this country. Every evening our family watch TV news — we want to know what events are taking place at home and abroad. At present, there are several hot points in the world: the civil wars rage in Angola, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia. The heavy battles are reported in Angola and in Afghanistan: many refugees flee from the regions of conflict to the neighbouring countries every day.

There are also reports about terrorist attacks which have taken place recently in Northern Ireland, in Chechnya and in the Middle East: Arab terrorists exploded several bombs in public places in Israel. The mass media also report the further integration of the European countries which have already had common currency — the Euro. The political situation in the present day world is, sometimes, very dramatic but I believe that the mankind is steadily moving towards a better future.

What influences the political situation in Ukraine? What do mass media inform about every day? Do you watch TV news in the evening?

And what about your parents and other members of the family? Are you an optimist or a pessimist as for the future of the mankind? Give arguments to prove your opinion.

The political power in Ukraine is divided into three branches: executive, legislative and judicial. But only those, who have reached the age of twenty-one, have the right to be elected to the Verkhovna Rada. The candidates to the Presidency or to the Verkhovna Rada can be nominated by a political party or any other political or social organisation or even by a group of voters. When election day comes it is usually Sundaythe Diamante Raro - Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano - Flores Em Vida (Ao Vivo) (CD, Album) in Ukraine go to the polls to elect the members of the Verk-hovna Rada or the President of Ukraine.

Often the elections of the local government take place simultaneously with the elections to the Verkhovna Rada. The Kyiv Region is an administrative region in northern Ukraine on both banks of the Dnieper River, formed on the 27th of February The region lacks mineral resources, but it has deposits of the building materials, kaolin, brown coal, and in the southwestern part there are deposits of gold, peat, diamonds.

Agricultural machines, excavators, refrigerators and different appliances are also produced there. They are the hetman I. Mazepa, the author of the Ukrainian anthem P.

Chu-bynsky, the cosmonaut P. Popovych and the painter K. According to the chronicles Kyiv's first citadel was built in the period from the sixth to eighth centuries. Under the rule of Yaroslav the Wise Kyivan Rus with Kyiv as its capital reached the height of its power. Its factories and plants produce sea and river transport vessels, air liners, computers, motorcycles, consumer goods.

There are many ancient cathedrals and churches, museums and monuments, beautiful streets and squares in it. More than 80 buildings were constructed on its territory during years of the monastery's existence.

Tourists always go to have a look at the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the outstanding Ukrainian statesman and military leader. The exposition tells us about the history Rugged-N-Raw (Instrumental) - PMD - Rugged-N-Raw (Vinyl) Ukraine and its culture from antiquity to the present days.

Any place is interesting in its own way and visiting it we come to know and love this country more. While being reconstructed the street was twice widened and a lot of new multistoreyed buildings appeared. Beside government offices and administrative buildings, one can see cinemas, restaurants and cafes in this street.

The Crimea consists of two very different parts — treeless steppe of the Crimean Lowland in the northern and central parts, and the Crimean Mountains in the south. The Crimean steppe, with its continental climate and steppe soils, occupies four-fifths of the territory. The Crimean Mountains consist of a narrow range of foothills and a low mountain chain covered with forests and high pastures. Below the mountains in the south there is a narrow coastal lowland — the Crimean southern shore — with a Mediterranian climate and vegetation.

It is rich in natural resources, such as iron ore, natural gas, building materials, and salt from the lakes. Russians constitute The land of Cherkasy gave birth to Bo-hdan Khmelnytsky who was destined to become the leader of the nation which was surviving difficult times and who was the first to lay the foundation of Ukrainians' own state. A great deal is being done on the territory of Cherkashchyna to restore the historical past, to bring back to the people the names of our countrymen.

They are Ivan Padalka, a world-known artist, Todos Osmachka, a writer, Vasyl Avramenko, a choreographer, and many others. The place to which Ukrainians from all over the world make a pilgrimage is the Taras Shevchenko Memorial sites-zvenigorodka area and the sacred Kaniv Mountain where the soul of the nation's spiritual father rests in its eternal peace.

Among the seven historical and cultural reserves the world-famous Sofievka Dendrological Park in Uman is a real pearl. Those ones in the Cherkasy Region who work in the agrarian sector are changing their attitude to the economic reforms. In general, with regard to foreign investments into economy the Cherkasy Region occupies the fourth place among the other regions of Ukraine.

Cherkasy was first mentioned in documents in the 13th century as a fortified city in the Kiev principality of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The main branches of industry are the chemical industry, the machine-building industry, the food industry and light industry. Theatre- goers and music- lovers have an opportunity to visit the Drama Theatre named after T.

Shevchenko, the puppet theatre and the philharmonic society. Cherkasy is the home Kenny Vance - Rainy Day Friend (Vinyl) a Pedagogical University, the branch of the Kyiv Civil Engineering University, 8 technical secondary schools and 19 branches of scientific-research and planning institutions. Though difficult economic situation of recent years made them change their economic directions in some cases, and step backward in others, they managed to hold up economic recession in all spheres and to improve social situation.

It is the only region in Ukraine that produces fire trucks, cord fabrics, pianos and several kinds of equipment for agrarian and industrial complexes.

The priority industrial branches are the food industry, the light industry, the fuel industry, the machine building industry and the metalworking industry. The city was incorporated into Kievan Rus in the 9th century and became one of the most important and wealthiest cities of the realm.

There are some historical monuments such as the Cathedral of the Transfiguration 11th centurythe Borys and Hlib Cathedral —the Catherine Church sanctified in The main branches Un Jour Être Pauvre industry are food- processing, light industry and woodworking, the building materials industry.

There is also the Music and Drama Theatre, a young spectator's theatre, and the philharmonic society in the city. The school-leavers can enter the pedagogical and technological universities and 8 technical secondary schools. It was formed on the 7th of August, as a result of integration of the northern part of Bukovyna and the Khotyn district of Bessarabia into Ukraine.

Near the Dniester and in the basin of the Prut, there are large deposits of gypsum and limestone. The Chernivtsi Region is unique in production of certain types of equipment for thermal power plants, oil-refineries, knitwear factories, and semiconductor instruments. The main kinds of farming products of the region are grain cultures, sugar beets, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, flax, milk, eggs, pork, beef. There is also the institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Chernivtsi branches of the institute of world economy and international relations, the institute of material studies and a number of other scientific- research institutions.

Chernivtsi is a green city with the Botanical Gardens, the arboretum, 8 parks and many public gardens. The architectural monuments are the building of the Chernivtsi University, the former residence of the Bukovynian metropolitan, the city hall, St Nicholas's Church and the building of the theatre.

It is famous for the Chernivtsi University, the Medical University, the Institute of Trade and Economy, 12 technical secondary schools and many scientific-research institutions. The Kobylanska Music and Drama Theatre, the puppet theatre and the philharmonic society are very popular among the people. In Chernivtsi the writer Yu. Fedkovych, the composer V. Ivasiuk, the singer M. Yaremchuk were born. They are the Yu. Fedkovych Memorial Museum, the O. Kobylanska Memorial Museum, an art museum, and a regional-history museum.

The major branches of industry in Chernivtsi include light industry, the food-processing, the machine-building and metal-working industries. The Dnipropetrovsk Region is an administrative region in southeastern Ukraine lying in the middle and lower basin of the Dnieper River.

It contains large deposits of iron ore, manganese ore, nickel, anthracite coal, natural gas and gold, lignite, and building materials. Machine-building and metal-working industries produce metallurgical and mining equipment, metal products, manufacturing equipment, electric and transport equipment, agricultural machinery.

The Dnipropetrovsk Region is a region of intensive grain growing, animal husbandry, and dairying. Such branches of industry as metallurgical, chemical, light and food industries are well-developed in Dnipropetrovsk. As Dnipropetrovsk is a large cultural centre of Ukraine, it has 5 theatres, 3 museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Historical Museum, the Philarmonic Society and observatory.

The Donetsk Region consists of an undulating plain dissected by river valleys, ravines, and gullies. In the northwest the ridge meets the Dnieper Lowland; in the west, the Zaporizhia Ridge; and in the south, the Azov Upland elevation mwhich slopes southward and changes into the Azov Lowland. The largest river of the region is the Donets, with its tributaries the Ka-zennyi Torets, the Bakhmutka, and the Luhanka.

The region is rich in mineral resources, such as bituminous coal, rock salt, clay, mercury and others. It is a large producer of energy and has strong chemical, construction, light-manufacturing, and food industries.

They are: the poet V. Sosiura, the writer, actor and film- director L. Bykov, the artist Kuindzhi, the singer A. Solovianenko, the composer S. Prokofiev, the cosmonaut L. Kyzym and literary critic I. Among them there is a well- known Donetsk Medical Institute and Donetsk Polytechnical Institute, that train highly-qualified specialists.

The Ivano-Frankivsk Region is the 18th region of Ukraine as for the population and the 22nd as for the territory. There are the deposits of oil and gas, peat, phosphates and magnesium salts, large deposits of clay, gypsum, limestones and gravel. Forests of the region occupy a large territory with a lot of valuable industrial species of timber. As for local water resources, the Ivano-Frankivsk Region ranks the second among the regions of Ukraine.

Is Ivano-Frankivsk the 18th region of Ukraine as for the population? How many administrative districts are there in the Ivano-Frankivsk Region? Ivano- Frankivsk is an important railway and highway junction, the second largest city in Galicia.

It is situated in the western part of Ukraine in very picturesque surroundings near the confluence of the Bystrytsia- Nadvirnianska and Bystrytsia-Solotvynska, which are the tributaries of the Bystrytsia.

Among the city's architectural monuments are the city hall now the regional museum, rebuilt inthe former Jesuit college and church, the former Armenian baroque church with two steeples. Located in the city are the Ivano-Frankivsk Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre, a puppet theatre, a region philharmonic society, different clubs and cinemas.

The main educational institutions in Ivano-Frankivsk are the institutes of pedagogy, medicine, petroleum and gas. The city stands out on the high banks of the Smotrych River and is fortified by high stone walls, old towers and bastions.

But in spite of this strange mixture of buildings of different ages and styles the architecture of the city is an example of historic development and unity. And there are more than 60 historic architectural relics in Kamianets-Podilskyi among which the fortress with its numerous towers and a stone Turkish bridge which connects the fortress with the Old Town and takes a particular place.

The region is situated in the northeastern part of Ukraine and it used to be called Slobozhanshchina. It also contains oil, bituminous and brown coal, rock salt, sand, chalk, fire clay, ochre and mineral springs.

The city and its region supply the country with diesel locomotives, planes, bycicles, instruments, ballbearings, bulldozers, lathes and equipment for many branches of industry. They are: writers H. Kvitka- Osno-vianenko and H. Khotkevych, the historian D. Yavornytskyi, the founder of Kharkiv University V. Karasin, artists I.

Repin and S. With the foundation of Kharkiv University in the city became an important educational and cultural centre of Ukraine and the Russian Empire as a whole.

Its numerous enterprises produce planes, tractors, electronic, mining and medical equipment, TV-sets, refrigerators, paints and cosmetics, clothing and textiles. The Kherson Region is situated in the south of Ukraine, the zone of steppes, which reaches the Dnieper. Administrative division: the area consists of 18 rural districts and 3 municipal districts in the Kherson-city. Agricultural-climatical conditions: the region is divided into 6 zones: cereals and industrial crops are cultivated in the northern and eastern areas, vegetable-growing, gardening, vinegrowing are cultivated Not So Sure - Candy Butchers - Making Up Time (CD, Album) the southern and central areas.

The last years are characterised by the basic tendency of the land transmission to the farmers and population. Among the city's architectural monuments are the remnants of the fortress walls and gates, the Black Sea Hospital, the naval arsenal 18th centuryand the Cathedral of the Transfiguration Theatre- goers have an opportunity to visit the Ukrainian Drama Theatre, Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge - Natural Act (CD, Album) puppet theatre and a philharmonic orchestra.

It has 4 higher educational institutions, 14 technical secondary schools and several research institutes. The total area of Kherson is more than km2, the most part of it is covered with parks and public gardens.

Ocean tankers, freighters, agricultural machinery, electric machines, glass products are produced there. The region borders on Vinnytsia in the east, Ternopil in the west, Rivne in the north-west and Chernivtsi in the south. The most important railway and other roads of Ukraine go through the territory of the Khmelnytskyi Region. It is generously opened for all those who want to see the roads and paths of a small but beautiful land. Khmelnytskyi is situated in the Western Ukraine at the confluence of the Buh and its tributary the Ploska.

There are a lot of higher educational institutions, planning organisations and 6 technical secondary schools. The enterprises produce various machines, thermoplastics machinery, auto and tractor parts, furniture, footwear, and chemical products.

A Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre, a puppet theatre, and a philharmonic orchestra are very popular among the people. Various kinds of population inhabit this region: Ukrainians, Russians, Moldovans, Belorussians, Jews, etc. Its territory is crossed by numerous railways, linking important industrial and agricultural areas of the south with the centre and the south-west of Ukraine.

This is the birthplace of the Ukrainian professional national theatre founded by such coryphaei of the stage as M. Kropyvnytski and I. Prolisok dance ensemble, Yatran amateur ensemble, Vesna amateur folk ensemble, Regional children's philharmonic society are known far beyond the region and Ukraine.

There are a lot of clubs and cinemas, many public libraries, 2 theatres, 8 museums, many music schools and schools of art in the region. Its sporting schools and colleges have trained a number of the world rank sportsmen, among them the world champions Olesya Dudnyk gymnasticsOlena Sukhoruk weight- liftingand Alexander Koret-ski sambo.

A city and region capital Kirovohrad is situated in the southeastern Dnieper Upland on the Inhul River, at the confluence of the Suhokma and the Bianka rivers. Among the cultural and historical monuments are the buildings and walls of the fortress, a Greek church, the Church of the Holy Protectress, and several 19th century buildings. It is worth visiting a historical museum of the city, the memorial museum of the famous Ukrainian writer S.

Kro-pyvnytsky, the monument to the famous Ukrainian producer, playwright and composer M. Kropyvnytsky, the I. Karpenko-Karyi Memorial Museum. There is the Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre, a puppet theatre and a philharmonic society in the city. First Kolomyia was an important station on the salt-trade routes between Galicia and the Black Sea. Kolomyia is a traditional centre of the Hutzuls, ethnic Ukrainians from the Carpathian Mountains.

The centre of the town, with its market-place, shops and cafes lies around the Renaissance Square. The Kremenets Regional Museum tells about the town's history from the Cossack and Polish battles to the Nazi massacre in the village of Shypkolisy on the 14th of July, The Donets River, which flows in a southeastern direction, divides the region into two distinct zones. The northern part consists of a hilly plain rising from the Donets Lowland to spurs of the Central Upland. The southern region consists of the Donets Ridge, an undulating plain with an elevation of up to — metres dissected by river valleys and ravines.

The largest river is the Donets with its tributaries — the Luhan and the Velyka Kamianka on the right bank and the Krasna, the Borova, the Aidar, and the Derkul on the left. The main industries are the fuel industry, machine-building and metalworking industries, the chemical industry, light industry and food processing. Such branches of industry as machine building, locomotive building, coalmining, light and food are well-developed there.

The Lviv Region is one of the most developed regions of the Dnieper Right bank due to its diverse economic and cultural potential.

In the domestic and international economic division and cooperation the region specializes in the machine-building, medical equipment and household appliances production, manufacture of chemical and light industry products, wood and paper-making. It has also developed international transit transportation, economic recreation, scientific support and reforms in the agro-industrial sector.

The region exported buses, trucks, autocranes, industrial machinery and equipment, textile products and clothes, sugar, spirits, meat, various foodstuffs, wood and wood products, sulphur. Polish enterprises have been investing their capitals into the Lviv Region economy rather intensely.

One of the main tasks in the development of international relations of the region is to intensify the transborder cooperation. Lviv was founded as a fort in the midth century by Danylo Halytsky and was named after his The Stringtones - Don’t Run And Hide / Poor Wise Man (Vinyl) Lev, which means lion. In the middle of the avenue there is a statue of Ukrainian national poet, Taras Shevchenko, and there are always a lot of flowers at its feet.

The Museum of Ethnography, Arts and Crafts, with a statue of Liberty in front, demonstrates furniture and porcelain. There you can find a statue of Mykhailo Hrushevsky, Ukraine's most famous historian and the country's first president in Lviv Picture Gallery has one of the largest collections of European paintings in the country, with over paintings on display, and 5 in storage.

Inside the Town Arsenal there is the Museum of Old Arms, with a display of various arms taken from over 30 countries. The principal rivers are the Buh and its tributaries — the Inhul, the Kodyma, and the Hnylyi Yelanets. The main industries are machine-building, the building-materials industry, light industry, and food processing. Mykolaiv has two higher educational establishments — Mykolaiv shipbuilding institute and the pedagogical institute.

The most famous museums in Mykolaiv are the museum of shipbuilding and the Fine Arts museum named after Vereshchagin. Although it lacks mineral resources, the Odesa Region is rich in granite, limestone, and sand, which are used for the building materials production.

The major rivers are the Danube along the southern boundarythe Dniester, the Kodyma, and the Savranka two tributaries of the Buh. The food industry includes canning, flour milling, fish processing, meat packing and wine- making. The famous people who lived and worked in Odesa were M. Pirogov, A. Kovalevsky, K. Kostandi and others. Pushkin lived here in exile during the s, and also it was home to writer and film director Alexander Dovzhenko.

The beauty of Odesa is in Prymorsky boulevard with its beautiful buildings and the Potemkin Steps. Its Gold Room has jewellery and coins from early Black Sea civilizations, including the first Slavic coins of St Volodymyr with 1980 - Diams - 1980 (CD, Album) trident symbol on them.

The region has rich deposits of natural resources, such as natural gas, oil, iron ore, granite, clay, peat, sand. Vegetable-growing, meat- and dairy-processing, and grain farming are well developed in the region. The largest machine-building enterprises are in Poltava turbines, electric motorsKremenchuk motor vehicles and railway cars.

The Poltava Region is famous by the Sorochinsky fair, that traditionally takes place there every year. Among them H. Skovoroda, the singer M. Churai, the writers A. Teslenko, P. Myrny, N. Gogol, I. Kotliarevsky, and others. Poltava — one of the most interesting towns of Ukraine — is situated on the picturesque bank of the river Vorskla.

Poltava and its region is also connected with the name of M. Gogol, who described its landscapes in his stories. There are more than thousand displays, including unique collections of Ukrainian carpets, national costumes and antique weapon. In the 18th and 19th centuries it officially belonged to Russia, but in fact it was the capital of a private kingdom of the Polish Lubomirsky family which had its own army.

Today the places of interest in the city are the Resurrection Cathedral, built in formerly the atheism museumthe Music and Drama Theatre, the Regional Ethnographic Museum. The Victims of Fascism monument is on the place of a concentration camp where the Nazis killed about 80, people. It is well- known for its heroic defence in the Crimean War in — and Dark Ship - The Sutherland Brothers* - Down To Earth (Vinyl, LP, Album) the Second World War.

Thanks to favourable geographic conditions of the region there is an opportunity for harmonic development of it. At first it belonged to the Kharkiv Region, later the Sumy Region was founded, and Sumy became a region's centre.

The main architectural monuments are the guildhall 17th centurythe Church of the Resurrectionthe Cathedral of the Transfigurationand St Elijah's Churchand the bell-tower Its main industries are machine building, microscope production, the chemical industry the Khimprom Manufacturing Consortiumthe food and light industry.

The city's enterprises produce compression machinery and pumps for nuclear and thermal power stations. Its cultural facilities include an art museum, a museum of decorative and applied art, a regional museum, a theatre of drama and musical comedy, and a young spectator's theatre. An amateur theatre was formed in the s, a printing press was set up inand the gubernia newspaper began to come out in New fruit- and vegetable-canning factories, Одинокая - Ірина Білик - Краще (Cassette), a confectionery factory, two tobacco-processing factories, several steam-flour mills, and a farming-implements foundry were opened.

Its machine-building plants produce food-processing equipment, Одинокая - Ірина Білик - Краще (Cassette) sets, and farm- machine parts. Higher education in the city is provided by a university, a medical and agricultural institutes, and a branch of the Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Civil Engineering.

Among the city's cultural facilities are the theatres of Ukrainian Music and Drama and Russian Drama, a puppet theatre, a circus, a philharmonic orchestra, an art museum, and a regional museum.

The most interesting architectural monuments are the Taranov-Belozerov residence and the Vorontsov palace. One of the old Tatar districts, with its winding, narrow streets and Oriental buildings, has been preseved.

It has rich deposits of the mineral building materials: limestone, chalk, clay, and fuel resources, such as brown coal and peat. The main industries are food processing, light industry, machine building and also dairy- and beef-cattle raising. Building materials plants are based on local resources and are located mainly in Ternopil, Berezhany.

Our predecessors created an everlasting culture here at the time of the Kyiv Rus and Galytsko-Volyn Principality. They kept traditions and customs of Ukrainian national spirit when the land was under the power of Lithuania, Austria and Poland.

The glory of our compatriots Dmytro Vyshnevetskyi- Bayda — the founder of Zaporizhska Sich, Severyn Naly-vaiko — the leader of the peasant's uprising, Nestor Morozenko — the cossacks colonel, will never die in the memory of the nation.

The Proclamation of the Independence of Ukraine has become a leading paper in the moral boost of the people. Ternopil's people accepted the concept of a national school, national traditions and christian morality in the upbringing of children. Ternopil is a place of the music and drama theatre, a concert hall, a Natural History Museum, an Art Museum and a gallery.

Regional review-contests dedicated to Oles Kurbas, Solomia Krushelnytska, Volodymyr Gnatyuk, Olena Kulchytska as well as festivals dedicated to famous town-fellows have become traditional.

Recently created museums after Bohdan Lepkiy in Berezhany, Ulas Samchuk in Tylyavtsy have become outstanding centres of renewal of historical truth of the past. Numerous visitors of the region are attracted by the architecture of the Pochayiv Lavra and Monastery, as well as by the longest in the world caves located in the outskirts of Borshchov.

Transcarpathia, the youngest of the Ukrainian regions, is situated in the far west of the country. Regional economy is closely connected with its natural resources, first of all, with forests and timber processing. Transcarpathia is rich in minerals: constructing materials, brown coal, ores of non-ferrous metals, kaolin of high quality, rock salt and gas. Regional industry specializes in timber processing industry, food industry, industry of building materials, light industry. Regional agricultural complex is represented by enterprises of public sector and more than a thousand farms.

Uzhhorod formerly Ungvar is the southern gateway to the Ukrainian section of the Carpathian Mountains, and the main town of the Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine. It lies four kilometres away from the Slovak border and 25 kilometres away from the Hungarian border.


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